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Dec 24, 2012 5:00pm PST
in july. >> they have actually given us what they call a last and final. 100 take aways from our current contract. >> the hospital said they hired replacement nurses. >>> government and consumer groups turned down an officer from pg&e connected to the san bruno explosion. pg&e refused to admit any safety breaches because it feared criminal charges. critics say they were afraid it could be used against it. >>> christmas in newton, connecticut is a somber one this year. a memorial has been set up to honor those who died in the massacre. people are visiting newton, connecticut to express their sympathy. >> the holidays, my heart reaches out to the families who lost their children. we have four grandchildren, one 6, and it is such a sorrow. you know, hearts are broken. >> there are reports the town is getting six times its normal volume of mail. the owner of one store said he is taking phone calls offering credit cards to pay for groceries for families. >>> no progress after wrapping up his trip. after talks today with the president the situation was worrying. there was no indication of prog
Dec 26, 2012 5:00pm PST
. >> they stay in my wallet until july. >> reporter: the week between christmas and new years bring in 15% of business. shoppers started -- shops starting sales before christmas to bring in customers. >> we saw a lot of the sales kickoff on christmas eve and they're obviously going on today and through the rest of the week so, we expect a lot of holiday shopping to continue through the weekend. >> reporter: some customers say they wait all the way through the holidays for the post christmas sales. . >> december 26th, we try to make it downtown. we get here about 9:00. >> reporter: while retailers may be depending on the sales, coming up at 6, we'll tell you why some retailers will wind up disappointed with the way the season goes. . >>> at 5:30, we are inching closer to the so-called fiscal cliff. we spoke to congressional staffers today, why they believe politicians will allow the country to go over the cliff before making a deal. >>> officials in newtown, connecticut, plan to use the flowers, letters and other mementos sent by the public as part of the memorial. they will stay up unti
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2